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What is Self Defense?

Self Defense is a legal term

Every country will legally define what constitutes as self defense. With that said it is important to understand that since the law defines what self defense is, it's crucially important to know what self defense is not. Fighting over a parking spot is not self defense, assaulting someone after being dared to fight or called a chicken is not self defense. There are many examples, but the point is in many cases legally justified self defense very often involves a successful physical defense (and offense) against an assault on the individual that is met with the proper use of force. There's also the successful aftermath or post incident stage which involves: legal counseling or representation if the case goes to court, therapy, dealing with social media & public attention etc. This will be covered in a seperate blog.

Martial Arts is not the same as Self Defense

While taking a boxing, muay thai, or BJJ class has many benefits, such martial art classes do not prepare individuals for real life violence.

  • In real life, there is no ring or cage to limit the boundaries

of the fight.

  • In real life, you may attack (and be attacked) vital areas such as the eyes, genitals and other are

as deemed inappropriate in martial arts.

  • In real life, your attacker may have a conspirator waiting to stab or sucker ounch you from the back.

Real self defense classes must emulate the stresses and scenarios of real life violence. Remember, doing martial arts classes and knowing how to punch or grapple properly will certainly give you an edge once you decide to take self defense classes. But doing martial arts alone is insufficient to prepare you for real life violence.

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